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At Metals Unlimited Aerospace, we specialize in offering a complete supply of high-temperature alloys for use as aerospace materials.

Faster Delivery of Advanced Aerospace Metals

With today’s rapidly evolving aerospace markets and the highly specific requirements of these advanced aerospace metals, we make your purchase process as simple as possible. Our team at Metals Unlimited Aerospace strives to be the raw materials supplier that can rapidly deliver the widest selection of AMS alloys with the care and quality you expect from a leading metal supplier. We even feature three shipping locations in the West, Northeast and Southeast to deliver your materials as quickly as possible.

Our aviation and aerospace metal supply includes some of the most proven high-temperature alloys. We offer a wide range of metals in a variety of forms to suit the demands of our diverse clients and their industries.

Our inventory of specialty aerospace metals include a regular stock of AMS super alloys like inconel and hastelloy, as well as other raw materials for harsh, high-temperature and corrosion-prone applications:

  • Nickel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

AMS Metals Inventory

All of these AMS metals are available in various forms such as sheet, plate and round bar, among many others. Other aviation supplies such as aircraft tape are also readily available. For a complete view of our inventory, browse our inventory of products. You can also speak to our experts to learn more about our extensive aerospace and metalworking supply.

As one of the leading resources for aerospace-grade materials, Metals Unlimited Aerospace focuses on the latest advances and demands in high-temp AMS metals. Part of continuing this commitment requires a diverse series of aerospace metal preparations found in few other aerospace metal suppliers.

Other AMS Alloys

Wrought nickel-base alloys are supplied for their strength and resistance to corrosion. This remains true through all formed and welded states. In addition to notable heat-resistant properties, nickel-based, high-temp alloys will maintain integrity in settings prone to chloride-stress corrosion damage and carburizing atmospheres.

Hastelloy is included within this highly enduring category. Hastelloy sheet, and a variety of other forms we offer, will suit any application that requires the utmost in oxidation resistance and high-temperature longevity. Commonly found in the hot combustor zones of gas turbines, hastelloy sheet is also ready-to-order for applications such as furnace construction, petrochemical processing equipment and aircraft cabin heaters.

Inconel Bar and Other High-Temp Metals

Included in our diverse high-temp AMS inventory is a complete selection of inconel bar and other forms. Like hastelloy, inconel will provide optimal corrosion resistance and high temperature endurance. For applications that require high creep-rupture strength and structural integrity, inconel bar is an optimal choice. Grades include inconel 600, 601, 625 and 718.

To search for hastelloy sheet and inconel bar, browse our online catalog. You can easily find a wide variety of high-temp AMS metals, such as super alloy plate and Haynes alloy sheet. Feel free to reach out to us directly for a quote as well.

Clients We Serve

  • Cascade Aerospace
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • Boeing
  • Bell Helicopter